a letter from pastor bryan

Dear Friends,

 I, along with Jamie, have been privileged to serve the Renewal Vineyard Church community for the past 8 years.  There are times in a person's life where life takes unexpected twists and turns.  This seems especially true when following after the ways of Jesus.  This is the purpose of my writing today.   In short, I have offered the resignation of my position as Lead Pastor of Renewal Vineyard Church and recommended to the church board that Renewal be closed.  The board has accepted my resignation and recommendation, therefore Renewal Vineyard Church will be dissolved according to our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  

Please join us in celebrating the completion of our part of the mission of Jesus.  Our last worship gathering will be on Sunday, August 14.  Childcare will not be provided, although a "busy table" will be available.  A BBQ meal will follow at a nearby park (rain or shine).  Please RSVP  here.

We wanted to let you know this in advance so that we could have the opportunity to meet and hug each one of you for all that you have meant in our lives over these past many years.  You have become our extended family, our mentors, --our friends.  We have needed every second that we've spent with each of you and are better for it.  

When I was asked to lead Renewal Vineyard Church some 8+ years ago, our church was broken and hurting.  We took a month to think and pray about what it might look like to assume leading this hurting, but dedicated remnant of people.  We thought we had a pretty good idea what it might look like.  Hard and rewarding.  History has proven that to be true.  But what we could never have expected is that we would see so many people's lives changed.  Renewal became a place of solace, an oasis, a place to be healed through the love that Jesus offers us as his followers and a place to make lifelong friendships.  We've laughed together; we've cried together.   We've held people loosely and loved them furiously.  And now we, with unveiled faces, have seen the face of God together and we have been changed. 

And so now Jamie and I step out into the great unknown.  We have taken Renewal as far as we can.  It is time for us to pursue some other things that God has placed deep into our hearts.  It is time that we expand our family.  It is time that Jamie should pursue her Master's degree.  It is time that I pursue a full-time pastoral position.  We don't exactly know the steps laid out for us, but God has been getting our attention in both simple and profound ways.  We are open to his leading and want to continue to say, "Yes" to what and where he leads us.  

Please join us if you are able and we will celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness together.


In His Service,

Bryan & Jamie Dawson